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“I have been with NiftyLaw for almost a year now and business is great. I have an amazing website that really showcases who I am. I couldn’t be happier.”


“NiftyLaw has been great to work with. From my initial consultation through implementation of a complex SEO strategy, I've never doubted that they're working hard for me.”

-Joe Suhre

Embarrassing, But We Strategize In The Shower

Making law sexy is all about well-crafted content, converting web design, and rocking results. Everyone at NiftyLaw embodies our core values:

WILLINGLY NAKED: We’re upfront with everything. There are no hidden fees, no small text, no hiding behind a veil of “industry secrets”. We share it all, even if we are a little pudgy round the middle.

ORIGINAL: We wouldn’t trade being anyone else, and don’t want you to either. Your website will be yours, not copied from 15 other attorneys.

MERRY: Marketing is fun. We love figuring out new strategies, new approaches, and surpassing our goals. And, even with a serious topic like law, we enjoy a good laugh. Just never at an attorney joke.

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4 Steps To Start Attracting Clients

Testing your current marketing campaign’s effectiveness is super easy: do you feel like you are chasing
clients or attracting them? A fully developed marketing plan will attract quality leads. That means your
content, design, SEO, and tracking are all working in harmony to bring you clients.


We start with content because it defines your voice and dictates your style. What you say and how you say it has more impact on whether clients contact you than anything else you do.

We get your content right from the start so everything else fits who you are.


Design is the italian three piece suit to your content. A breath-taking design will support your message and ensure your clients understand who you are.

Your website will be a smooth talking, sweet looking lead machine.


Perfect content with an amazing design won’t do any good if clients can’t find you. We optimize your site for both search engines and humans so it's easy to find you and easy to contact you.

Fluff traffic is the enemy of effective marketing.

Conversion Tracking

We want you to make money. In order to do that, we have to know what is working and what isn’t. We do A/B Tests, fix User Experience problems and trust data to tell us how effective we are.

Phone tracking, form fills, all of it leads to a better performing campaign.

Wondering What Else We Do?

We provide everything you need to grow your business. From penalty recovery to Pay-Per-Click, and everything in-between, we’ve got you covered.

We Wrote The Book on Local SEO, Literally.

You’ve heard our pitch. You’ve learned more about our process.
The next step is to talk with us about helping you with your marketing.
Chad, our director of marketing, is ready and waiting to discuss
your needs and answer your questions.


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NiftyLaw is about three things. First, doing awesome work for
all of our attorney clients. Second, providing useful data and
information to our community. Third, having fun doing what
we love.

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