3 Benefits .EDU Links bring to your law firm marketing

Your Law Firm + Goodwill Approach to Online Marketing = Win-Win-Win

What if we told you that there was a way that you could spread goodwill while simultaneously improving your rankings and traffic? Nifty has successfully launched dozens of law related scholarships offers across the nation that do just that. As an added bonus, your law firm will benefit from some positive PR as well.

For the first time ever, Nifty Law is opening this service up to any law firm that feels they could use a unique approach to solving a major problem every website has:

Building authoritative links from high authority websites.

With our help, creating a repeatable scholarship campaign that effectively matches your culture and is easy to execute is a cinch. Your law firm can leverage our expertise in building authoritative .edu links to your website and begin seeing the success that dozens of other law firms are already experiencing. The benefits are simple:

  • Average rankings improve
  • Traffic to the site increases
  • Positive perception of your law firm

Yes, we’ve studied the heck out of this so we aren’t learning on your dime. Here’s some of our major findings after performing some serious research and running dozens of campaigns for our monthly SEO clients.

Clients Experienced On Average a rankings boost of 15+ Positions:

Organic website traffic increased 83% on average during the campaign:

Helping students gain access to much needed funds is a good thing to do.

Tuition to public and private schools has increased over 28% in the past 10 years…and that sucks. So yes, giving $1000-2500 to someone who earns it is legit and we’ll be sure to tell the community you live in that you’re giving back.

Your firm wins. The student wins. Nifty wins. Win-Win-Win.

What Does Nifty Do?
What is required of your law firm?

Nifty’s Deliverables To You:

  • Consult through the process of creating a law firm scholarship
  • Place the scholarship with participating universities and colleges
  • Interact as a company liaison with universities
  • Ensure all SEO issues are addressed when placing scholarships with the colleges and universities
  • Work with your law firm to promote the award
  • Provide monthly reporting on .edu links acquired

Your Responsibility

  • You will need to set up a scholarship landing page at your website within 15 days of the contract execution and you will need to approve and finalize a law firm scholarship. You will also need to setup a company email (e.g. [email protected]) within 15 days of contract execution.
  • You will also need to setup a company email (e.g. [email protected]) within 15 days of contract execution.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.